Voicing Opinions, Leading Change……

History bears testimony that constructive and meaningful Change follows only when People come together to raise their Voice through a powerful medium that targets those empowered to make the changes happen.

At PROVOICE we have always been vocal advocates for enabling changes that can affect individuals favourably. 

We believe that operating in Market Research provides us with opportunities to be a powerful agent of meaningful change. After all, aren’t Surveys a key instrument to ensure that you - the individual (Respondent) are heard and your demands are addressed? 

Ever since our first Market Research engagement, we have been exceptionally persistent in our bid to drive meaningful change. Our persistence has allowed us to enable key parties to hear from and take note of your demand for change, eventually making it happen!

Take surveys, Earn Rewards!!


In our ongoing efforts to ensure that your Voice stays empowered and is heard widely enough to bring about the meaningful Change you demand, we pioneered PROVOICE– Progresso Research’s very own community.

PROVOICE acts as a powerful platform for opinion-based outreach – it connects our esteemed community members with avenues to make meaningful Change happen rapidly. 

Since we believe that Change is not a random demand BUT your right, we have made PROVOICE compliant and available across multiple devices - without leaving the comfort of either your home or your chair, globally! 

Come, join us……


Using  PROVOICE, you can take surveys to express and share your opinion and feedback on virtually anything under the Sun – ranging from the issues you face to the products you use.

And because we have immense regard and value for your opinion (and demand for change), we are only too glad to pay you for it.

Come be a part of  PROVOICE - where your Influential Voice drives Meaningful Change……guaranteed!!!